Sunday, June 6, 2010

Soup and a Sammich

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Today, we went to Atwater's, in Belvedere Square Market.  Their angle is freshly-made food from mostly local farms.  The stuff that isn't local is still direct from the farm.  You can view their sources by clicking here.  They specialize in sandwiches and soups, and the three of us thoroughly enjoyed our food.

My friends got soup and a sandwich, while I just got a sandwhich, a breakfast special with cheddar, scrambled eggs and bacon.  While the sandwich took a while to show up, it was worth the wait!  One friend got a seafood soup (shrimp, crab, fennel, sweet pepper, pasta, artichoke hearts and basil) and the grilled pastrami and Swiss, with green peppercorn mustard and red onion.  I had a taste of the soup, and it was delicious, expertly seasoned.  The other friend got the watercress, potato and mushroom soup, with leeks, cabbage and sundried tomatoes, and a chicken salad sandwich (with apples, cranberries, raisins, lettuce, basil and mayo).  I also had a taste of her soup, and it was tasty, but all three of us agreed the seafood soup was better.  Soups were served with a huge chunk of bread.

I thought the prices were reasonable, especially for the quality.  Soups were about $4 for a cup and available by the quart ($11-$16).  Salads range from $4 for a side salad to $12.50 for the "Red Leaf and Asparagus", with chicken salad added (also includes pee wee potatoes, marinated onions, roasted portobellos, and lemon caper dressing).  Most sandwiches are available half or whole (about $5/$10).  They also have Scottish Pies, and a featured daily dessert.  As they are "farm-to-fork", their menu varies with available product, so check their menu daily.



  1. Wow! Excelent Review JJ! Everything sounded great! And, as you know, being the freakoid soup nut that I am, the soups sounded REALLY fabo!

  2. is this near the senator theater?

  3. sounds good - would love to try the chicken salad 'sandwhich'; how were the other items mentioned on their sign - bread and cheese...

  4. Kha: Yes, in fact the Belvedere Square Market is the building to your left as you pull into the parking lot for Saigon Remembered.

    Jim: Picky, picky - spelling corrected! I'm not that into bread, but from the chunks I had while sampling Calvin and Julia's soups, very tasty! Didn't have any cheese on its own, but the cheese on my sandwHich was great - an aged cheddar, I believe.

  5. Have not had a mediocre soup or sandwich there yet in 3 visits spaced several weeks apart. Soups are all made from scratch and simply fantastic!